2024 SoCal SuperStates Scholastic JV Sections
2024 SoCal SuperStates Scholastic JV Sections
Start Date
End Date
Championship K-1 (27)
JV K-12 Under 1600 (27)
JV K-8 Under 1400 (87)
JV K-6 Under 1000 (39)
JV K-6 Under 700 (81)
JV K-3 Under 700 (46)
Tournament Information

2024 SoCal SuperStates Scholastic Championship K-1 & Junior Varsity:

K-3, K-6, K-8, K-12


Saturday-Sunday, March 16-17th, 2024


Valencia Hyatt, 24500 Town Center Dr. Valencia, CA 91355

(Click above link to book a hotel room: $159/night)

After you register, check the Entry List on this website to confirm that your name is there. No one will be allowed to play if they are not on the Entry List.

(If you are a new player or not sure if this is the right event/section, please email Coach Jay or ICEA Chess to inquire which event link should be used)


1. The tournament is USCF-rated.

2. Chess set will be provided. Please bring your chess clock.

JV Sections Format:

5 Double Rounds (5 x 2SS)

(non-elimination, play each of 5 opponents twice - 3 opponents Saturday, 2 on Sunday for a total of 10 games),

Time Control: G/25;d/5

(clocks start at 25 minutes with 5 seconds grace before you start losing time each move).

K-1 Championship Format:

5SS, G/55;d5.

(5 total games - 3 Saturday, 2 Sunday; Clocks at 55 minutes plus 5 seconds before you start losing time).

SCCF Membership is mandatory for Championship K-1 Section ! Register/Renew SCCF Membership here. ($15/yr)

Round Times for JV and K-1 Champ:

Saturday: 9:30am, 12:30pm, 3pm, Sunday: 9:30, 12pm (Noon). Awards starting around 2:15 or 2:30pm (depending on the length of the final round games).

Bye Policy:

  • JV Sections: Two 1/2 point byes are allowed with no restrictions
  • Champion K-1: only one 1/2 point bye is allowed and never in the final round

Entry Fee:

  • Early Bird: $79 (by Feb. 29)
  • Regular: $89 (by March 9)
  • Late Entry: $109 (by March 15@5pm)

Event Cancellation Policy

  • $5 Cancellation Fee until March 9th. Then, until 5pm 3/15, $10. No refunds at all if you cancel after 5pm on Friday, March 15th. Only email will serve as a valid cancellation.

Awards & Honors

Terms and Conditions

by registering for this tournament hosted by ICEA & Coach Jay's Chess Academy, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement.