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Denver Mini Winter Open
03/02/2019 - 03/03/2019

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3 Round Swiss Tournament
Date March 2 - 3, 2019
Time Control G/90 +30
Site Koelbel Library 
5955 S Holly St. 
Centennial, CO 80121 
Room B on Saturday. Room A on Sunday.
Directions Go west off I25 at E Orchard Rd to S Holly St and make left. Library will be on your right.


-- 1750 Plus (minimum rating 1750 March supplement, live, or foreign adjusted)

-- Under 1750 or Unrated

Sections may be combined if TD deems best according to attendance.

Entry Fee $20 for all; pre-registration only. 
Checks by Feb 25. About $1 merchant fee added per entry for online Stripe pay through CaissaChess. Or ask me about Free PayPal.
Prizes Cash based on 20 paid entries. 
1750 Plus: $99 - $66 
Under 1750/Unrated: $90 - $60 
Special Best Upset $20. Unrated counts as 1400 for upset math.
Registration Advance Only. Not available at the door in order to maximize library hours.
Round Times Saturday Rd1 9:30; Rd2 1:00. 
Sunday Rd3 12:30.
Entries Shirley Herman
Address North Gate Chess 
1450 Old North Gate Road, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 
Checks must be received by Monday, February 25.
Phone (719) 510-0169 SMS available
Bye Policy

Requested half-point byes for Saturday rounds only. Commit by noon.

USCF is the only membership needed for one low entry fee for all regardless of club affiliation, age, and rating.  Entry fees support this tournament only. Nothing withheld from prize fund for "tour" club prizes or affiliate donations etc. All money collected supports this event only. Chief Senior TD travels to serve you and works for peanuts or coffee, if anything.

No draws accepted before 15 moves made.

Sack lunch or snack to gobble between rounds as time permits recommended. There won't be a long break to go out for food Saturday unless your game runs short.

Granting of permission by the Arapahoe Library District to use library facilities does not constitute endorsement by the Library District staff or Board of Trustees

Full Tournament


Registered Players (3)

1750 Plus
143454562052DANIEL HERMAN
143454411936SARA HERMAN
Under 1750/Unrated