2024 Southern California SuperStates Bughouse Championship
2024 Southern California SuperStates Bughouse Championship
Start Date
End Date
K-6 (11)
K-12 (1)
Tournament Information
2024 SoCal Scholastic Bughouse Championship

Friday, March 15th, 6:30-8:30pm

Hyatt Valencia, Grand Ballroom

Entry: $20 per player by March 14th, 11:59pm. Late $25 per player by 6pm, March 15th.

NO ENTRIES AFTER 6pm, March 15th

Two Sections: K-6, K-12

  • If either player is 7th-12th grade, that team must play in the K-12 section.
  • If you do NOT have a partner, enter NEED in the Team Name field
  • If you DO have a partner, list the team alphabetically with a hyphen (i.e., Adams-Lincoln) even if you are the 2nd player alphabetically.
  • This is NOT a rated event. No current memberships are required. 


  • 2x4SS or 2x5SS (4 or 5 double-rounds with higher-rated partner playing White & Black against opposing higher-rated partner)
  • G/5 (no delay or increment)
  • NOT touch move - CLOCK move!
  • Teammates can communicate freely with each other, but cannot touch the pieces on the other board. 

Follow this link to a complete set of rules. The only rule that is different from 2023 SuperStates is Rule # 3. Teams do NOT get to decide who will play White each game - the pairings will direct which higher-rated partner plays White first.

The main rules will be re-capped and questions will be answered before play begins on Friday night at 6pm.

Terms and Conditions

by registering for this tournament hosted by ICEA & Coach Jay's Chess Academy, you agree to our terms of service and privacy statement.