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President's Cup
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The tournament with one round every Monday is a Swiss system, 90 minutes d5 USCF rated. Tournament Dates: Round 1:  - February 5, 2024 , Round 2- February 19,  2024 , Round 3 - February 26, Round 4 - March 4,  2024. One bye can be assigned if it goes to four rounds depending on the number of the participants at the discretion of the tournament director. Registration starts : 4:30 pm. Game Time: 5:00 p.m. Four(5) rounds Swiss System USCF Rated. 


(Subject to change depending on number of entries) 

Registration Fee of $30 required to officially register. The charge will show Mount Cambridge Productions LLC via Square. Fees are non-refundable. USCF membership also required. This is an open tournament. Terms and conditions including prizes subject to change without prior notice. All members or participants cannot be sued by anyone and are free of any liability. We are all collaborators in this club and nobody owns Antelope Valley Chess Club. Parents should be respeonsible for their minors at all times.