PALS May 18th, 2024 End of School Year Tournament
PALS May 18th, 2024 End of School Year Tournament
Start Date
End Date
K-2 Unrated (31)
K-5 Unrated (39)
6-12 Unrated (10)
K-12 Rated (15)
Open (7)
Tournament Information

Saturday, May 18, 2024 end of the school year Tournament!


Location:  Aspen Academy (5859 S University Blvd, Greenwood Village, CO 80121)

Unrated Sections:  K-2, K-5, and 6-12

Rated sections:  K-12 and Open

Please note that the rated sections will be open to all participants and rated by the US Chess Federation and participant MUST have a current USCF membership. 

If the player being registered is not a member of the US Chess Federation, click here to sign up

If you can't remember the player's USCF ID number, please click here to search for it by name

Schedule:  Parents/Grandparents and kids should check in between 7:30 - 8:30 a.m.


Round times:  Round 1: 9:00; Round 2: 10:00; Round 3: 11:00; Round 4: 12:30; Round 5: 1:30

The awards ceremony will start at 2:30 p.m.

Lunch: Players will have a lunch break starting immediately after their third round game ends until 12:25, five minutes before the start of round 4.

You may go somewhere else for lunch with your child and bring them back by 12:25. Players of all ages may bring a packed lunch to the school and stay in the cafeteria during the lunch break.

Entry Fee: (will include an online processing fee) 

K-2, K-5, and 6-12 sections (unrated): $25

K-12  (rated ): $30

Open section (rated): $40

Please note that all players of all ages (including parents and grandparents!) may play in the Open section (but they must have a USCF membership)

Scholastic Prizes:  Trophies for 1st-5th place and medals for 6th-10th will be given out, unique prizes such as the Chess Queen Trophy awarded to the girl who scores the most points, the David vs Goliath trophy to the youngest player who scores the most points, and medals for participants showing outstanding sportsmanship will be given out at the awards ceremony. Participation medals will be given to all.

Open Section Prizes: 90% of entry fees returned in prizes to the top 5 players. Highest prize fund in the state!

Register early to secure your spot! 

Please double check the section you are signing up for is correct (and the correct price) before submitting your registration!

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