2024 GCC Spring Club Championship
2024 GCC Spring Club Championship
Start Date
End Date
OPEN Section (20)
U1800 Section (0)
U1400 Section (9)
Extra games (0)
Extra games (1)
Tournament Information
  • Online Registration HERE - https://www.caissachess.net//tournament/edit/3694


    EVENT FEES Club members $15 Non-members $25 Add $5 if registering onsite.

    PGN FILES from DGT BOARDS: Track of round, time and table number. and we can send you your PGN files Send $5 Venmo/Zelle after received. Takes some effort to locate/send

    FACILITY & AMENITIES: Address: 10060 Brecksville Rd. Brecksville, Ohio 44141 All equipment provided $1 snacks and drinks Free Espresso and Water 2 Lounges for Friends / Family Skittles Room with delayed games on monitor.

    PRIZES: Trophies + 40% entries Club Champion = Open Winner

    TOURNAMENT: 0.5 pt bye available Open / U1800 / U1400 Round 1 at 10:30, 2 at 1pm Rounds 3&4 ASAP Play up for Free

    TIME CONTROLS: 4-SS G30;d5 REGISTRATION: Register Online is preferred! Pre-registration 9:45-10:15 

Terms and Conditions
  • Please go to this link Caissa Chess Software. This link will give you information on pairings, and standings.
      • By selecting updates you will be notified of updates to your section, who you are playing, what color you are playing and what table you are playing on. 
  • Proper hygiene please. Odors are distracting. 
  • No spectators near in the tournament area with the exception of coaches.
  • Coffee, Espresso and Water are complimentary to players and their families.
  • All players are expected to show good sportsmanship.
    • Respecful handshake with eye contact at start and finish. Yes I said it. :)
    • Do not leave the tournament prematurely because you don't like the result. 
    • No raising your voice at opponent for any reason. 
    • Pause clock and raise hand for the TD if there is any dispute or concern.
    • Headsets are allowed for playing music, but check with you opponent to be sure s(he) cannot hear it. 
  • DGT Boards - When you complete your game:
    • Hit the pause button.
    • If WHITE WON, place the White King on its white center square and put the Black King on its white center square
    • If BLACK WON, place the Black King on its black center square and put the White King on it's black center square.
    • if DRAW/STALEMATE, place the White King on e4 and the Black King on e5.
    • You have now told the DGT Live program that your game is completed and the result. 
    • Please leave the kings on those squares but setup the rest of the board for the next round.
    • Reset the clock:
      • On the bottom of the clock, press the red button once to turn it off and again to turn it back on. 
      • Click the right pointing triangle.
      • Click the pause/start button. 
      • The clock should be set for G30 d/5
    • Please record your results on the computer that is on the table located against the wall in the tournament area. 
      • Click your result (1, 0, .5 etc)
      • Click the box next to your name.
      • The result should register for both you and your opponent. 
      • Notify your Tournament Director immediately f your section is complete and the TD is not aware that the next round can be started!