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GCC - June Friday 4-Round Swiss
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Tournament Information
  • For 'Player Username' specify your username, or 'not applicable.'
  • If you registered well in advance, notify us within 60 days of the tournament if you can no longer attend and we can refund you.
  • G30 d/5. 4-Round Swiss
  • Registration closes at 1pm on the day of the tournament. No exceptions.
  • Registration in advance is required.
  • Start time is promptly at 6:30pm.
    • Full Bye for round 1 with advanced notice available
  • No scheduled round times.
  • 3-Sections (Open | U1800 | U1400)
  • Notify us in advance to play up (within 100 pts) from U1400 to U1800
  • USCF Membership required.
  • Current published rating used.
  • Trophies for 1st to 3rd all Sections. 
  • Open Section winners will receive a monetary prizes from the prize fund. Prize Fund = $10 x Number of Non-Member Entries. 
    • First Place 50% of prize fund
    • Second Place 35% of prize fund
    • Third Place 15% of prize fund
  • 26 players will play on e-DGT boards. Full games will be stored on the club computer.
    • For Members, Email to have the PGN's sent to you.
  • ALL equipment provided. 


  • $35 / ADULTS
  • $20 / UNDER 18
  • FREE TO NM | IM | GM’s
  • Go to WEBSITE to become a MEMBER!


  • $15 ENTRY fee for all gcc events
  • $25 for non-members
  • free water | coffee | espresso
  • discounts - dgt/ gcc products
  • member lounge for families
  • 40 book chess library


Terms and Conditions
  • Please go to this link Caissa Chess Software. This link will give you information on pairings, and standings.
      • By selecting updates you will be notified of updates to your section, who you are playing, what color you are playing and what table you are playing on. 
  • No spectators near in the tournament area with the exception of coaches.
  • Coffee, Espresso and Water are complimentary to players and their families.
  • All players are expected to show good sportsmanship.
    • Respecful handshake with eye contact at start and finish. Yes I said it. :)
    • Do not leave the tournament prematurely because you don't like the result. 
    • No raising your voice at opponent for any reason. 
    • Pause clock and raise hand for the TD if there is any dispute or concern.
    • Headsets are allowed for playing music, but check with you opponent to be sure s(he) cannot hear it. 
  • DGT Boards - When you complete your game:
    • Hit the pause button.
    • If WHITE WON, place the White King on its white center square and put the Black King on its white center square
    • If BLACK WON, place the Black King on its black center square and put the White King on it's black center square.
    • if DRAW/STALEMATE, place the White King on e4 and the Black King on e5.
    • You have now told the DGT Live program that your game is completed and the result. 
    • Please leave the kings on those squares but setup the rest of the board for the next round.
    • Reset the clock:
      • On the bottom of the clock, press the red button once to turn it off and again to turn it back on. 
      • Click the right pointing triangle.
      • Click the pause/start button. 
      • The clock should be set for G30 d/5
    • Please record your results on the computer that is on the table located against the wall in the tournament area. 
      • Click your result (1, 0, .5 etc)
      • Click the box next to your name.
      • The result should register for both you and your opponent. 
      • Notify your Tournament Director immediately f your section is complete and the TD is not aware that the next round can be started!
* I have read and accept the terms and conditions for this tournament
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