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SEPTEMBER 24, 2023 (SUNDAY). 12 - 3:30 pm

Location: San Diego Chess Club (2225 6th Avenue, San Diego)

Schedule:  First round starts at 12:00 pm, please arrive 15 minutes earlier by 11:45. Tournament is expected to be done by 3:30 pm, lower rated sections might finish much earlier. Each mini section is awarded immediately after they finish their last round. In the past U400 type sections were done with their Quads tournament in 2 hours or even less. Higher rated scholastic players tend to take more time. For example, top rated section is expected to be done by around 3:30.

Sections: Groups of about 4-10 players of similar rating will be formed later. About 5-6 such sections will be formed. This is a small scale scholastic event, so maximum number of players: 50.

Format:  3  rounds, USCF rated as Regular / Quick

Byes: No byes are allowed. Sorry.

Time Control: G30d5

Entry fee:  $25.  For families registering more than 2 kids, 3rd/4th kids get in for free. Please, choose the appropriate payment option for your 3rd/4th kid at the checkout. If your USCF membership has expired, we can re-new it. Please, add another $20 and choose an appropriate payment option from the drop down menu.

Prizes:  Small trophy to the winner of each quad/mini section

Live Updates: all info (players, pairings, standings, tiebreaks, byes) will be available via CaissaChess live. You can view updates online or sign up for emails/text alerts:

Terms and Conditions
  • If the participant is YOUNGER than 13 years old, parent/guardian/designated adult should be present on San Diego Chess Club’s premises during the tournament (No drop-offs).
  • I agree to hold harmless the San Diego Chess Club, Scholastic Coordinator  (Irina Nizmutdinova) and all tournament staff from  any events that cause harm/damage to your child and/or personal belongings. The tournament and tournament staff are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  • There is a “Zero Tolerance Policy” for any inappropriate behavior such as criticizing, bullying, not listening to tournament instructions, or any attempt of harm of anyone else. Consequence: Immediate removal from the tournament.
* I have read and accept the terms and conditions for this tournament
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