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May Little Open (Adult Quads; Elo club-rated, not USCF)
05/16/2022 - 05/16/2022

Hamden Chess Club - Monthly Little Open - Adult Quads Tournament

USCF membership/membership # is not required for this Little Open Tournament.   Monthly Little Opens are elo club-rated (not USCF) and provide players with a good opportunity for friendly competition at a lower cost and less time commitment than a standard USCF rated tournament.   A player's club rating is initially established based on ratings from recent play from USCF, Lichess,, etc. or if none available,  a "self-rating."  Beginners start at 1000, which is also the floor for all. 

What: Little Open Adult Quad Tournament
When:  Little Open Tournaments occur monthly, on the 3rd Mondays of most months.  Time: 6:30 to approximately 8:30pm.  Round times: Rd 1: 6:30pm, then Rd 2 and Rd 3 ASAP.  Please check in by 6:25pm.  Expect clocks to start at 6:30pm. Please send email to: if arriving late.
Time Control:  G/20, d3 Equipment provided
Entry fee: $15 HCC members; $25 non-members
Entry deadline:  3:00pm on day of tournament. No signups at door.  
Eligibility: USCF membership is not required for our Little Open tournaments.  Adults of all levels, ages 13+, may sign up to participate.  (Children under 13 must be rated 1000+ USCF to be eligible to participate).
Prizes:     $40 for 1st place in each quad;  one swiss group if necessary, with $20 2nd place prize
Equipment:  Chess sets and clocks will be provided.
Byes: No byes due to round-robin format.  Participants must play all three rounds
Additional info for Little Open participants:   
If this is your first Little Open, please provide an initial starting rating for us to use as a note with your registration (i.e. provide USCF, FIDE,, (rapid or blitz rating) or your best estimate of whether you consider yourself a Beginner (rating up to 1000); Intermediate I (rating up to 1499); Intermediate II (rating up to 1999) or Advanced. 
Refunds:  Refunds and transfers must be requested at least 24 hours before the event. The amount of the entry fee, less $10 (to cover processing and card transaction fee that we pay), will be refunded.  Alternatively, you may request entry fee and registration transferred to the following month's tournament without any penalty if requested 24 hours in advance.

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9954025511755_WILL JOHNSON
9174511801499_DON MCANDREW
9376191841200_DAN SCHOTT
7191948721100_TYRON HAIRSTON
1740993791100_ALAN KAIN
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