February Little Open (Adult Quads; Elo club-rated, not USCF)
02/21/2022 - 02/21/2022

When: Little Open Adult Quad Tournaments occur on the 3rd Mondays of most months, 6:30-8:30pm.  Round times: Rd 1: 6:30pm, then Rd 2 and Rd 3 ASAP.  Please check in by 6:25pm.  Expect clocks to start at 6:30pm.
Time Control/format: G/20, d3; Round-robin quads; Equipment provided
Entry fee: $15 HCC members; $25 non-members
Prizes:     $30 1st each quad; one swiss group if necessary, with $20 2nd place prize
Eligibility: USCF membership is NOT required for our Little Open tournaments.  Adults of all levels (high school age and up) are welcome. Elo (club rated games) not USCF
Entry deadline: 12:00pm (Noon) on day of tournament. No signups at door.  Registration may close earlier if tournament capacity is reached prior to noon on the day of the tournament.
Defaults: Players not checked in prior to start time may be defaulted. Clocks will start promptly
Byes: No byes due to round-robin format. All participants must play all three rounds
Additional info for first-time Little Open participants:
USCF membership/membership # is NOT required for this Little Open Tournament.  Monthly Little Opens are elo club-rated (not USCF)  Club rating are initially established based on ratings from recent play from USCF, Lichess, Chess.com, etc. or if none available,  a "self-rating."  Beginners start at 1000, which is also the floor for all. 

If this is your first Little Open, please provide an initial starting rating for us to use  - i.e. provide USCF, FIDE, Lichess.org, Chess.com (rapid or blitz rating) or your best estimate of whether you consider yourself a Beginner (rating up to 1000); Intermediate I (rating up to 1499); Intermediate II (rating up to 1999) or Advanced.


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