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NOTE: Only the top 4 players from each team are used for the standings/prizes

10/30/2020 - 11/27/2020

This is the third San Gabriel Valley Chess Club online tournament. All games have to be played on Lichess.

It's a 5 round SINGLE Swiss. Each round consists of ONE game NOT two as in the previous two tournaments.

The time control for all games is G60 + 10. To be clear, one game with a time control of 60 minutes plus 10 seconds increment.

Distribution of price money will be announced at a later stage. Ties will be resolved in a 2h blitz arena on December 4th. 

Pairings after round 1 will be published not later than Tuesdays.

A maximum of one 1-point bye will be granted for any of the first four rounds. There won't be a 1-point bye for the last round. Byes must be requested by Monday night. If your opponent agrees you may play your game on any day between announcement of the pairings and the following Monday. Please CC in your emails when rescheduling a game with your opponent.

On Friday nights players are required to check in prior to their games.  The checks-in procedure will consist of visiting our lichess team at and say hello in the chat room.

Players who don't show up for their games without notifying the TD and their opponent prior to the game will be eliminated from the tournament without refund.

Signing up requires a USCF Membership number, the membership does not have to be active. If you have any issues signing up please contact me