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DCC July, 2019

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DCC July, 2019
07/02/2019 - 07/31/2019

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5 round Swiss system tournament.

Time Control: G70;d5
Site: Third Christian Reform Church at 2400 S. Ash, Denver, CO 80222

Directions: One block East of S. Colorado Blvd. on Wesley. Please use rear entrance.

Sections: Premier/U1900/U1500

Players are will only be allowed to play up one section. Unrated Players may only play in the U1900 and Under 1500 Sections.

Entry fee: DCC members $6 per night or $20 for all 4 rounds, Non DCC members $8 or $30 for all, $2 per round discount for children 16 and under.

Prizes: Based on entries. Paid the Tuesday following event by check at club meeting or mailed.
Registration: 6:00-6:50 p.m. You must contact us to let us know you're coming or be here by 6:50 or you WILL NOT be paired. 
Rounds: 7:00 each Tuesday.

Bye Policy (Updated):
- Byes for round 1 may be requested at the start of round 2. 
- A last round bye must be requested before the start of the penultimate round. Otherwise a last round bye will be recorded as zero.
- Except for the last round, Players may call in a bye request for any round. Only 2 byes will be allowed for non prepaid players. The player will be charged $3 for each bye.
- Except for the last round, Players prepaid for the month will receive a bye automatically, if not in attendance at the close of registration. 
- Only one bye will count towards prize money.An unrated players prize money is restricted to $20, unless they qualify for a place prize in the Open section.

An unrated players prize money is restricted to $20.