2024 Southern California SuperStates Blitz Championship

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NOTE: Only the top 4 player(s) from each team are being used for the standings/prizes

2024 Southern California SuperStates Blitz Championship
03/16/2024 - 03/16/2024

2024 SoCal SuperStates Scholastic Blitz Championship



Valencia Hyatt, 24500 Town Center Dr. Valencia, CA 91355

(Click above link to book a hotel room: $159/night)

Saturday, March 16th, 6:30-8:30pm

 (Round 1 could be slightly delayed if players from the Champ sections are still playing or just finishing games)

Hyatt Valencia, Grand Ballroom

Entry: $20 per player by March 15th, 11:59pm. Late $25 per player by 6pm, March 16th.

NO ENTRIES AFTER 6pm, March 16th

Two Sections: K-6, K-12

  • Plaques to the Top 10 Finishers in each Section
  • This is a US Chess Blitz rated event. Current US Chess membership is required. 


  • 2x4SS or 2x5SS (4 or 5 double-rounds with higher-rated partner playing White & Black against opposing higher-rated partner)
  • G/3;+2 
  • Touch move! (same as the main event)

Blitz Rules:

The current edition of the Official Rules of Chess and the current online edition of “Rulebook Changes” shall be used to resolve any situation not covered by these Scholastic Blitz Rules. 

1. Each player is responsible for coming to the game with a clock. If neither player has a clock, then both players will receive a forfeit loss for both games. Note: The organizers will have a few clocks on hand, but we cannot guarantee that we will have enough for those players who do not have a clock.

2. All players are required to know how to operate their clock and how to make any changes to the clock that may be necessary during a game.

3. Only a TD may determine if a clock is defective and change the clock once the game begins.

4. Each player must press the clock button with the same hand used to move the pieces. This rule also applies to castling and capturing. Moving with one hand and pressing the clock with the other hand is not allowed.

5. At the start of the event, the TD may state the direction the clocks are to face. The player with the Black pieces then chooses which side of the table on which to sit.

6. Pressing the clock: a) Except for pressing the clock button or straightening the clock, neither player should touch the clock. b) If a player knocks over the clock, the opponent gets one minute added to the opponent’s clock. c) If a player’s clock does not start, the opponent may try to start it, by pressing the player’s clock button. However, if this procedure is unsuccessful, the opponent should signal for a TD. d) After moving, each player must always be allowed to press the player’s clock. e) Neither player should keep a hand on (or hovering over) the clock.

7. Knocking over a piece: a) It is unsportsmanlike conduct to knock over a piece and then press the clock. b) The first offense will result in a warning from the TD. A second offense will result in one minute being added to the opponent’s clock. A third offense will result in the loss of the game. c) A player will not lose a game on time if the player’s opponent knocks over a piece and presses the clock without picking it up. The player will receive an additional minute to continue the game.

8. In case of a dispute, either player may stop the clock to summon a TD. In any unclear situation, the TD will consider the testimony of both players and any reliable witnesses before the TD renders a decision. If a player wishes to appeal the decision of a TD, the player must ask for the Chief TD.

9. Excessive banging of pieces or clock will not be tolerated. The offending player may be penalized with loss of time.