2024 Scholastic State Championships

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NOTE: Only the top 4 player(s) from each team are being used for the standings/prizes

2024 Scholastic State Championships
02/03/2024 - 02/04/2024

Do not use Internet Explorer to submit your registration from this page.  Any other browser should be fine.

Arapahoe County Fairgrounds, 25690 E. Quincy Ave, Aurora, CO 80016

All registrations must be received no later than Thursday, 2/1.

Main Tournament Registration Fee - $45

$25 for the K-1 Saturday only tournament

USCF Membership Required for the Main Tournament: To get a new USCF Membership or to renew your USCF Membership use the link below

Click here to purchase a USCF membership (required for all sections except K-1).

One 1/2 point bye may be requested for rounds 1-3. A bye request must be received at least one hour before the start of the round. (Rule 22C1, 22C2)

Bye requests for rounds 4-6 will be 0 (zero) point byes. Players who have requested a round 4-6 bye may request to play the round up to one hour before the start of the round.

Questions? Contact Tom Nelson (tmbdnelson@comcast.net)

Prizes – Top 10 per division. Top 3 per school – K-1 Division Top 5
In the event of a tie, trophies will be awarded based on tie breaks (1. Modified Median 2.Solkoff 3. Cumulative 4. Cumulative of opposition).

2024 Denker Championship Representative - Highest Placing High School 9-12 Grader in the K-12 Division
2024 Barber Championship Representative - Highest Placing 6th-8th grade player in the K-8 Division
2024 Rockefeller Championship Representative - Highest Placing K-5th Player in the K-5 Division
2024 Ruth Haring Representative - Highest Placing Female Player in the K-12 Division. (If the highest placing female is in 9-12 grade and is the same individual for the 2024 Denker Championship Representative she will be able to choose which tournament she wants to represent and the qualifier for the "other" tournament will be determined by the next highest placing player who qualifies for the appropriate tournament.

Main Tournament Schedule (K-3, K-5, K-8 and 9-12 Divisions)
SATURDAY - Feb 3, 2024

7:30 - 7:50 – Check-In
8:00 Players Meeting (Mandatory)
8:30 Round 1 (G/60 d/5)
11:00 Round 2 (G/60 d/5)
1:30 Round 3 (G/60 d/5)
4:00 Round 4 (G/60 d/5)
SUNDAY- Feb 4, 2024

8:30 Round 5 (G/90 d/5)
12:00 Round 6 (G/90 d/5)
3:15 Awards Ceremony
K-1 Division Tournament Schedule
SATURDAY - Feb 3, 2024

7:30 - 7:50 Check-In
8:00 Players Meeting (Mandatory)
8:30 Round 1 (G/30 d/5)
9:50 Round 2 (G/30 d/5)
11:10: Round 3 (G/30 d/5)
12:30 Round 4 (G/30 d/5)
1:50: Round 5 (G/30 d/5)
5 Rounds (G/30 d/5)

Subsequent rounds will start approximately 15 minutes after the previous round ends

3:30 Awards Ceremony