HCC October Odyssey (SCHOLASTIC K-12)

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NOTE: Only the top 4 player(s) from each team are being used for the standings/prizes

HCC October Odyssey (SCHOLASTIC K-12)
10/21/2023 - 10/21/2023

HCC October Odyssey (SCHOLASTIC K-12)

DATE & TIME:   Saturday, October 21, 2023  Round 1 at 1:00PM, Subsequent rounds ASAP
LOCATION:  Play More Chess Academy, 1227 Whitney Ave., Hamden, CT 06517
FORMAT:  G/25,d5; (Each player has 25 minutes to make all their moves in each game; each turn there is a 5 second delay before clock starts counting down); USCF-rated tournament;   Students K-12, of all levels are welcome, including new first-time tournament players.   This is a Quads tournament. Players will be placed in groups of four (quads) based on USCF regular rating and will play against others of similar rating levels. Estimated round times 1:00pm, 1:55pm, 2:50pm. Tournament is expected to finish by ~3:30-3:45pm with a brief awards ceremony.
Byes:  No byes permitted as this a three round tournament.  All participants are expected to complete all of their games. 
Entry Fee: $25-40  (Discounts for early entry and for Hamden Chess Club members) 
Registration and Current Entries:  

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  Early entry discounted fee deadline: Thursday 11:59PM (Thursday before tournament);  Regular entry deadline: Saturday 11:00AM (Saturday - day of tournament).  No on-site registration.
PRIZES:  Trophies for player(s) in each quad who achieve at least 2 points out of 3.  (i.e 1 point for each game won; 1/2 point for each game drawn, 0 point for each game lost).  There will be no computer calculated tie-breaks. Chess medals for all other players within each quad.
ADDITIONAL NOTES:  All players must be current members of US Chess to register for this tournament (go to USCHESS.org to join or renew your USCF membership/membership ID number).  Must register for HCC tournaments in advance - first registered, first served  (space is limited). Participants must be students grades K-12.  Chess sets, DGT3000 clocks and scoresheets provided. No need to bring anything-must use our chess set and clock.  Quad tournament players are not permitted to withdraw mid-event.  Participants must plan to play all three rounds!  
WITHDRAWALS/CONTACT:  If you cannot make it to the tournament, and have to withdraw, email:  info@playmorechess.com.  A request for a refund may be made no later than Thursday, 11:59PM (early entry deadline).  Refunds for this tournament must be requested by email and are subject to a $15 cancellation fee to cover administrative and credit card processing charges.. For contact during the event please email: info@playmorechess.com as PMCA phone will be silenced.