2023 September ICEA Chess@The Wende

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NOTE: Only the top 4 player(s) from each team are being used for the standings/prizes

2023 September ICEA Chess@The Wende
09/09/2023 - 09/09/2023

2023 September ICEA Chess@The Wende [Sept. 9th]

Playing USCF/FIDE-rated OTB Chess Tournaments in West LA

All Children and Adults are welcome!

Tournament Date: Saturday, Sept. 9th, 2023

Sections / Format / Time Control:

  • 1800+ Section: 4 Round SS,  G/45;+5

  • 1000+ Section: 4 Round SS,  G/45;+5 
  • U1000 Section: 3 Double Rounds SS, G/30;+5 (each player plays x2 games Black/White Vs. same opponent)

Round Time:

  • 1000+ / 1800+: 9am / 11am / 2pm / 4pm
  • U1000: 9am / 11am / 2pm


  1. Email to chess@icea1.org to request advance byes if you need to miss any rounds. One half-point bye available for 1800+ & 1000+ sections (0-point bye for the last round).
  2. Players should bring their own sets & clocks & pencils & scoresheets.
  3. We will use Sept. 2023 supplement (or most recent) ratings for the pairing.
  4. TD reserves the right to adjust ratings and the sections in unusual circumstances.

PRIZES (70% of collection goes to Prize Fund)

for each section:

6-10 Players: Top 3 players

11-20 Players: Top 4 Players

20-30 Players: Top 5 Players

30-40 Players: Top 6 Players

(if 1000+ or 1800+ section is less than 6 players, we might combine two sections as OPEN section and use McMahon or Accelarated pairing)

Check here for more details about ICEA Chess@The Wende USCF-rated OTB Chess Tournaments.