SDCC Memorial Day Scholastic (FREE EVENT)

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NOTE: Only the top 4 player(s) from each team are being used for the standings/prizes

SDCC Memorial Day Scholastic (FREE EVENT)
05/28/2023 - 05/28/2023

(For grades K through K12, all levels are welcome)
MAY 28, 2023 (SUNDAY)


Location: San Diego Chess Club (2225 6th Avenue, San Diego)


  • First round starts at 12:00 pm, please arrive 15 minutes earlier by 11:45.

  • Tournament is expected to be done by 3:15 pm, lower rated sections might finish earlier.

  • Awards ceremony right after all games are done.


  • OPEN K-12 (recommeded for ratings over 800, advanced scholastic players, any grade)

  • U800 K-12 (recommended for experienced scholastic players, any grade)

  • U400 K-12  (recommended for beginner scholastic players)

  • We reserve the right to change sections and move some participants if sections are uneven

Format:  3  rounds, USCF rated as Regular / Quick


  • 1 bye is allowed (you can skip one round and get a half point)

  • If you are skipping the first round, please put it in the registration notes or email us

Time Control:

  • G30d5

Entry fee:


Prizes:  small sculpture/trophy to top 5 in OPEN, top 10 in U800, top 10 in U400, 2 top Unrateds, best U500 and best U200.

Live Updates: all info (players, pairings, standings, tiebreaks, byes) will be available via CaissaChess live. You can view updates online or sign up for emails/text alerts.

Pairings: There will be no check-in process. Tentative Pairings will be posted before the tournament and will update with new registrations and cancellations (via CaissaChess live). If the oppopnent doesn't show up, we will pair with any available player from the same section or give 1 full point.

Registration: Registration will be open until all available spots are filled.


  • The pairings will be posted before the event, all no-shows will get forfeits and will be withdrawn from the tournament. 

  • For any changes, please email us