What is Caissa Chess Software?

Caissa is an all-in-one chess tournament management tool that handles all your tournament administration needs, so there is no need for separate applications.


  • Easy tournament setup: Create your tournament and define your sections, and, if desired, Caissa will automatically assign players to the appropriate section based on their rating.
  • Intelligent player registration: Caissa will learn which players take part in your tournaments and list them on your Registration Dashboard so your players are at your fingertips. The more tournaments you create with Caissa, the smarter this list becomes!
  • Quick check-in: Caissa allows for the creation of printer-friendly barcodes for players, which can then be used in conjunction with a webcam to allow players to check themselves in for games.
  • Up-to-date player information: Caissa's database is automatically updated with USCF's Golden Database each month, so you always have the most current data about player ratings and membership information.
  • Financial management: Enter prize information, entry fees, and tournament expenses, and Caissa will automatically generate a financial report for your tournament.
  • Swiss pairings: Once your tournament is ready, Caissa can generate player pairings based on Swiss rules. Caissa also creates print-ready documents of pairings and results.
  • Post-Ratings coming soon!